The goal of the Open Canvas Working Group (OCWG) is to establish interoperability between different infinite canvas tools.

The OCWG is an open working group of inifinite canvas tool builders and users who are iterating on a standard to drive interoperability between a wide variety of infinite canvas tools.

Intended Outcomes


Q: Why not just push issues and pull requests to Obsidian's JSON Canvas? Why the separate organization, website, and name?

A: JSON Canvas is an excellent starting point, and if it already serves your needs we recommend it! OCWG provides a forum for larger discussions around canvas interoperability and additional resources for the development of those standards. It's a reason to get builders in the same room, working towards the same goal, talking through the challenges and collectively iterating towards solutions. We fully anticipate that our work will drive issues and pull requests against JSON Canvas.


All major discussions and artefacts will be public on GitHub. You can also join our Discord for ephemeral discussions. Major updates go out biweekly via email.


Next Meeting: April 16, 12:30 ET

We meet every 2 weeks on Tuesdays, 12:30 ET. Meeting recordings, transcriptions and other artifacts can be found in the linked discussions.

Date/Time Topic Recap
March 26, 12:30 ET OCWG Kickoff Meeting #1